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In Practices

By Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Other Life Project

On 17, Jul 2017 | In Practices | By Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Other Life Project was part of the Authentic Relating Festival 2016.

The Other Life Project is an ongoing art project using performance as a tool for exploration, discovery and transformation. The project is inspired by the Nordic Larp scene and works from the premise that identities as well as the so called “reality” around us are changeable. Our claim is that we through exploration and play can provide the participants with an extraordinary opportunity to play with and enact new realites.

It is meant as an opportunity to explore yourself and your relationship to the world in depth through a variety of approaches and with the support of the ensemble. The social conventions are simple, with focus on fundamental, immediate and intuitive aspects of life. A space and time to sense, experience and play within a safe framework. We find inspiration for these explorations in a multitude of practices such as psycho-drama, syntheism, circling, shamanism, performance-design, larp, zen, embodied cognition theory, physical theatre and movement theraphy.

The Other Life is an opportunity to experience the world around you and relate to other people unbiased by what you consider to be true, real or important. The Other Life allows you to explore yourself, your perceptions of the world and the ways you interact with others in a space with strangers, that are searching, exploring and challenging themselves just the way you are. You don’t have to be yourself and neither does anybody else. We invite you to leave your prejudices behind and enter the project with an open mind and with faith in the people around you.

The project moves through unique participatory performances in Northern Europe, where new identities and new realities are explored. Each performance is developed for the space where it is staged and the flow of the event is highly dependent on the participants. We use light, sound and scenographical elements to create an otherworldly mood around the events. Participants are asked to write letters for themselves before entering the Other Life leaving something of themselves behind, that they don’t want or need in the Other Life.

The Other Life Project is all about creating a space and time, which is less performative than what we normally consider “real life”. The project enables people to meet and relate from an immediate and honest layer in themselves – unbiased by many of the judgements we normally make on the world.

The Other Life Project has been initiated by the designers Nina Runa Essendrop and Peter Munthe-Kaas and has been developed by a large ensemble of artists, larpers and performers from all around Europe.

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