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In Practices

By Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Form – Reality Practice™

On 17, Jul 2017 | In Practices | By Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Form – Reality Practice was part of the Authentic Relating Festival 2016.

A practice that is about life, the heart and the human condition. A practice that affects your innermost, and has an effect on all aspects of your life; relationships, dreams, personality, the pain of life and the art of transforming it.

On the practical side, The Form – Reality Practice™ is a series of graceful and structured movements you can do alone or with someone else. All the movements are universal and supports the practitioner to sense progressively more subtle. The sequence of movements create a process of inner movement and opens the heart.

In the practice of The Form – Reality Practice™ authenticity arises naturally. The movements cultivates the authentic expression and invites us to discover the nature of love and dare to live it. A practice that is not a “play” with energies, but discovery of truth and love.


The Form arose in realised consciousness, through evolutionary teacher B Prior.

The Form teaches you to look inside for life’s answers to each and every moment – so you respond to your innermost being (that still, small voice) instead of your body-mind identity. That is evolution….

You start to merge back in, as the source itself, and that evolves all your relationships. Suddenly source comes alive as an individual and the potential is, as the whole of humanity.

The Form is quickening your consciousness, your light of love and truth. It deepens you, widens you and makes you more available to live life exactly as it is, with less and less problems.

It demonstrates how to respond to your deepest knowing and inspiration, and to give that form.

Your deepest inspiration is the real you. You learn to respond to your interior – where you came out of – and you merge back into that whilst you still have a body as a vehicle of manifest universal expression.

The Form helps you find more meaning in your life. When awakening begins to happen in the consciousness of any individual, you know there is deeper meaning to life and what you have been living.

The Form guides you to see, know and respond to your heart’s opening.

This workshop is held by Rodrigo Ríos, who is Accrediteret Senior teacher of The Form. Rodrigo is passionate about supporting people in discovering the heart. Rodrigo is married and the father of two.

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