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In Practices

By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Speaking circles/relational presence

On 17, Jul 2017 | No Comments | In Practices | By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Speaking Circles were on the program for the Authentic Relating Festival 2016.

Speaking Circles emerged from the stand-up comedy scene in San Francisco in the 1980s as a method to work through stage fright and performance anxiety. It has now developed into Relational Presence and Relational Stillness practices, that transforms the way you communicate by focusing on the essential first step in authentic communication: true attunement between listener and speaker.

Speaking Circles introduces you to a simple and different approach to being receptive, present and authentic. This helps you find your natural voice in your relations to other people. The relationship-based approach gives you the time and gentle attention to discover how to express yourself clearly in your own unique style. This way you become more present and engaging; transforming the way you communicate in 1:1 conversations and group settings.

As a group we create a safe and creative environment for exploring a simple, natural method of inviting connection with others. Rather than dealing with performance technique or content, we focus on the basis of effective communication – achieving comfort and connection by being fully present and authentic. This happens through exercises in eye contact and 1:1 conversations before each person takes turns in front of the group.

This relational practice focuses on connecting from the inside-out in our communication with ourselves and others, whether we are in a personal conversation with one person, or a group setting.

Speaking Cirlces is presented in Denmark by Annegrete Mølhave at Talesans. She has facilitated workshops in creativity and communication design in London, Oslo, and Copenhagen since 2005, and is a licensed Speaking Circles facilitator.

Read More about speaking circles at:

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