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In Practices

By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Social Presencing Theater

On 17, Jul 2017 | In Practices | By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Social Presencing Theater was on the program of the Authentic Relating Festival 2016.

Social Presencing Theater is an embodied consciousness practice. SPT is one part of the bigger framework called Theory U, a change method and theory developed by Otto Scharmer from MIT in Boston, USA. The roots of SPT is meditation, the civil rights movement and performing arts. The SPT practices has been developed by Arawana Hayashi a dancer, choreographer and teacher in the Shambhala meditation tradition in cooperation with Otto Scharmer. The theater part of SPT is not about acting, but about making unconscious aspect of a system visible.

SPT is a constant exploration of the relationship between body and mind, me and others, and me in relation to the whole or the bigger system. The term “presencing” combines the words “sensing” and “presence” and it is used to describe a certain awareness quality that involves a relaxation of mind, heart and will to allow new insights and future possibilities to emerge.In SPT the participants practice to synchronize mind and body as well as uncovering some of the information that is always present in the own system as well as in the interaction with one or more individuals or groups and bigger systems.

A SPT session would contain exercises that explore the inner connection, the connection with one or a couple of people and the whole group. There will be a special focus on mindfulness on the body combined with awareness of the other or the group and how that affect the ability to connect in a deeper, more authentic level with oneself and others. There is three layers in the basic SPT training, one is about connecting to the authentic self through embodied mindfulness. The second layer is the practice of staying in contact with the authentic self while being in contact with one or a couple of other people. The last layer is the exploration of the authentic self in relationship to the bigger systems that we all are part of.

Fabricius Resurs, based in Malmö, organize workshops and practice groups in both Copenhagen and Malmö.

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