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In Practices

By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Movement Communication

On 17, Jul 2017 | In Practices | By Peter Munthe-Kaas

Movement communication was part of the Authentic Relating Festival 2017

Movement Communication is a relational practice that, through embodied experiences, focuses on what happens in the present moment in a group. It is an interpersonal practice that allows you to become more aware of yourself and other people in a deeper, more authentic way. It centers on the experiences of the participants and their emotions and self-expression. In Movement Communication, we focus on understanding and breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other, so we can connect to ourselves and each other more authentically.

Movement Communication enhances your ability to meet other people authentically. Through play, drama, dance and reflexion, Movement communication seeks to transform and develop the participants’ embodied experience, consciousness and self-expression.

Movement Communication was conceived by Swedish dancer, therapist and associate professor Johan Borghäll. It was conceived as a an embodied method of self-development and group-development. It has been part of the curriculum for sports science students, pre-school teachers and actors for more than 30 years. During those years, Movement Communication has been developed in close connection with the students and through Johan Borghäll’s teaching in Europe, Asia, Africa, South- and Central America.

Movement communication was developed with inspiration from other movement practices such as social dances, free movement, martial arts dance, contact improvisation, movement games, drama, Theatre Sports, Laban’s movement teaching, gestalt therapy and dance therapy.

Movement communication is presented at ARF by Claus Rasmussen. Claus has facilitated workshops on body language, dance and communication in both Europe and Africa. Claus has been a certified Movement Communication facilitator since 2015.

DECENTER is responsible for the 4-year diploma degree in Movement Communication.

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