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About us

Can you feel it?

Something is stirring deep in our society. A desire for change, that has no outlet through the formal political or democratic channels in society.

A way of relating that doesn’t have space within what we call culture, or maybe even reality. A call for authenticity, honesty and connection.

New practices have emerged and spread over the last decades, based on bringing people together to relate more openly and honestly with each other.

Some have been pioneered by organizations such as The Integral Center and Circling Europe, from where many have been introduced to Authentic Relating Games and Circling, while other practices has grown out of dance, theater, larp and burner communities.

“Authentic Relating”

Authentic Relating is a practise invented by Authentic World and The Integral Center, Boulder, Colorado. The practice deals with discovering what is true for me, in this moment, and communicating that to others.

The communication is typically a conversation, where we are in connection with ourselves and others at the same time. Authentic Relating Games are one of the forms developed for training Authentic Relating. What is characteristic for Authentic Relating, is that we are connecting from the inside-out.

In the connection we are slowing down and become aware of what we are sensing (through our physical senses, emotions and thoughts) and communicate that. Both the truth and the connection will be altered by that interaction.

Authentic Denmark

When we are talking about relating authentically in the context of Authentic Denmark, we have a broader scope.

A lot of different practices that deal with creating more presence in the connection between people has developed over the last decade.

Some are more focused on verbal communication where others are very physical. Some have very set “rules” while others are more based on feeling into the connection.

Common for many of these practises are that they invite people into authentic being, by relating to themselves, others or the world around them. Characteristics of these practises:

– Interaction between 2 or more people.

Inside-out Connection
– Being in touch with our senses (physical, emotional thoughts etc.) in the connection with others, and act and relate from there.

– A focus on the here-and-now in the meeting/connection.

– There is an attentive, meditative, intuitive awareness connected to the way we are relating to each other.



Authentic Denmark is based on the desire to develop, spread and promote more practices where we connect authentically in Denmark.

We want to make Circling, Authentic Relating and other kindred practices more accessible and help communities to build and spread in Denmark.

We want to bring the practices into our homes and lives and help creating open and including communities which enable people to meet, connect and create together in co-learning processes.